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Bali Hati is a non-profit foundation established in February 1997 to promote the education and social welfare of the people of Bali. "Hati" means "heart" in Indonesian, and the name suggests that the heart, the beauty, of Bali is its people.

Bali Hati projects are varied, but all programs are designed to enable young Indonesian men and women to realize their individual and social potential.

The underlying intent is to create an environment where love and concern, combined with educational and social initiatives, can achieve not only the spiritual and intellectual growth of individuals, but can ultimately bring about fundamental changes in the economics and social life of Balinese villagers.

Community service, whether as students or upon the completion of any course of study, is viewed as fundamental to achieving this goal. Though Bali Hati recognizes the close interrelationship of spiritual, intellectual and material achievement, it is in no way associated with any religious foundation, sect or denomation and has no political affiliation. Its programs are open to all without regard to sex or religious persuasion.

In all its endeavors Bali Hati aims to be a living example of how people can function from the heart.

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